Since TODAIE is an academic institution, Collection - Publishing activities are one of the most important functions. The Collection - Publishing Branch Management has two main duties based on the Law of establishment of TODAIE. The first of these duties is collecting the publications in the field of public administration; and the second is, publishing. The branch carries our the collection duty via the Library of the Institute; and publishing duty via publication expert, Press - Publishing Department, Editorial Department and Publication Sales Office. 
Collection - Publishing Branch has published 361 books within the framework of publishing activity until today. With its publication volume, TODAIE is the largest publisher of Turkey in the field of public administration. Periodicals are an important part of TODAIE`s publications. The institution has seven periodicals. The leading periodicals are as follows: 
. Amme İdaresi Dergisi 
. TODAIE`s Review of Public Administration 
. Turkish Public Administration Annual 
. Çağdaş Yerel Yönetimler Dergisi (Contemporary Local Governments Periodical)
. İnsan Hakları Yıllığı 
. Turkish Yearbook of Human Rights 
. T. R. State Organisation Directory 
Publication Board:
President Prof. Onur Ender ASLAN General Manager
Member Assoc. Prof. Filiz KARTAL Director of Editing and Publication Department
Member Prof. Oya ÇİTÇİ
Member Assoc. Prof. Seriye SEZEN
Member Assoc. Prof. Aslı AKAY
Periodical Publications:  DERGİLER, HAKEM KURULU VD (SEMİH)