Directorate of Research and Assistance- Research Grants Branch Info
Research - Research Grants activities identified within the scope of TODAIE`s purpose of establishment are conducted by this unit. The unit carries out activities such as conducting academic and practical research studies regarding public administration, expresses opinions with respect to these subjects when necessary; carry out researches and bring suggestions regarding public administration reform; develops and prepares educational materials with regards to public administration. 
The institution has participated in various research projects as a contractor. The "Central Government Organisation Research Project" Report of Board of Directors, known as "MEHTAP", which is the first and most comprehensive public administration research in Turkey, was published in 1963. During the Second Plan period, the Administrative Reform Advisory Committee published the report named "Reorganisation of Administration: Policies and Suggestions" that was established with the leadership of TODAIE with the decision of the Cabinet. During the Public Administration Commission studies carried out at TODAIE in 1982, many Decree Law drafts were prepared with regards to public administration organisations. These Decrees were published in 1983. The last of the comprehensive reform researches, Public Administration Research Project (KAYA) Report was published in 1991.
Within the scope of research activities, permanent staff, job evaluation, performance, strategy, etc, projects are conducted upon requests coming from various agencies and institutions. 
Lately, the unit has begun to conduct academic and applied research projects for public administration. Currently, the research project named "Audit Service in Turkish Public Administration and Transfer to Internal Audit" is being carried out. Besides, databanks in various subjects regarding public administration are maintained in the unit. 
Completed Research Projects
Some of the institutions for which restructuring, norm-staffing, strategic planning, performance, strategy activities and other administrative subjects are conducted are as follows: 
Turkish Grand National Assembly 
Ministry of Internal Affairs 
Directorate General for Highways 
Directorate General for Turkish Social Service and Children Protection Institution 
Office for Handicapped Affairs 
Sea Administration and Tanker Affairs Cooperative 
Department of Trade and Industry, Chamber of Sea Trade and Union of Stock Exchanges of Trade of Turkey 
Turkey Petroleum Refineries Corporation General Directorate 
General Directorate of Petrol Office 
General Directorate of Turkey Iron and Steel Enterprises 
General Directorate of Turkey Petrols Cooperation 
General Directorate of The Bank of Provinces 
General Directorate of Armed Forces Pension Fund 

Projects currently undertaken by the unit:
Transition Service and Internal Audit in Turkish Public Administration
The numeric measurement of province capacity in Turkey
The numeric view of Turkish Public Administration
Ministry system in Turkey
Fight against discrimination based on disability
Restructuring in Turkish Association of Bars