The Centre was affiliated to the Institution in May 2000 in order to conduct services in the form of continuing education like various courses, seminars, etc. requested by corporations and institutions to meet their in-service training needs, organize activities to improve competence of the public personnel through short-term remote education programmes, and plan and organize short-term education projects in the fields of interest of the Institution.

The Centre also performs such tasks as following corporate developments and applications regarding continuing education, developing programmes, analysis and assessment.

Continuing Education Centre organizes courses and seminars in different fields of public administration, scientific meetings and similar education programmes within the framework of short-term education activities. Education programmes in the form of course and seminar are open to general attendance from all public bodies and institutions.

The Institute took over the organisation of Public Diplomacy Education Programme (KADEP), which had been conducted by General Secretariat of National Security Council for 35 terms, as of the 36th term in 2006 for "Senior Managers" in spring and "Prospective Subgovernors" in fall.

In the trainings provided by SEM, nearly 35 thousand public officials have received certificate of attendance so far.

General information about course and seminar programmes is given below.

. SEM organizes "special-purpose" programmes and provides "education consultancy" service for any agency and institution. Special-purpose programmes are organized on monthly, weekly, full or part time basis, and programme details are planned interactively.

. At least 10 participants are required to register for an education programme to be offered.

. Registrations are accepted by means of the institutions for those who attend to the programmes in the name of an institution, or by means of individual application for those who attend on their own behalf.

. Education programmes are performed in TODAIE classrooms in principle. The classrooms are equipped with the equipment and facilities to allow application of modern education technologies. Certain programmes can be conducted in places other than TODAIE or in the relevant institutions when the programmes are planned specifically for institutions.

. Academics and specialized instructors are employed for the education programmes.

. Participants have the opportunity of benefiting from TODAIE library, one of the most advanced speciality libraries in the area of administration in our country.

. Those who attend to the education programmes from other cities than Ankara are allowed to accommodate in TODAIE Guest House as of Dormitory.

. Information about the dates of course and seminar programs, lecturers in charge, attendance fee and similar details are notified to the relevant agencies and institutions one month before the start of the programmes and will also be announced on our web site

. For further information about the education programmes organized by SEM, verbal/written application to TODAIE General Directorate is required.

Seminar of Protocol Managemant for Civil Servants


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