Due to the increasing dealings and exchange of information between countries, organizations and individuals at the present time also known as "Information Age", there is certainly more need for directories and resources which are of help in these issues.  

After being revised in the period following its first publication by our Institute in 1963, new editions of T.R. STATE ORGANIZATION DIRECTORY have been printed, and finally it has been published as two volumes with its new layout with variable leaves, for the first time in 1993 pursuant to "Public Administration Research Project" (PARP).

The resource opus was sold out in a short time as the value of it is being more appreciated by each passing day. Requests from various organizations have revealed the need to reprint the 


By the eight edition of the Directory, ongoing changes and developments in Turkish public administration have been taken into consideration as some new arrangements and knowledge have been added accordingly. With its new layout, T.R. State Organization Directory has been reduced only to a single volume in order to provide ease of use.



The aim pursued in the preparation of the T.R. State Organization Directory is to help the officials and researchers by introducing the state organization, with public institutions and organizations.



Concerning the TR state organization with its all institutions and organizations, the Directory contains, TR Constitution, the legislative, executive and judicial organs, central administrative organization, local government organizations, autonomous and impartial organizations, public professional organizations, public benefit associations, offices and agencies of international organizations in Turkey, government business enterprises and their bodies, operations, partnerships, funds controlled by the legislature and the government enterprises taken into the scope of privatization.




Since the founding of the Institute in 1953, in order to support the activities of research and instruction, it has been the fundamental aim of the library to provide the information/documents on all subjects concerning public administration and other fields of interest of the Institute, and to offer them to the academic and administrative staff, the students and as well as to the outsider-researchers who need them.


The Institute library is administrated according to the principles of "Library Instruction".


TODAIE Library holds approximately 38.000 printed publications (in Turkish and other languages) on public administration and relevant subjects. These publications include 7015 periodical publications, 192 of which are up-to-date ones; 1628 bound volumes of newspapers classified on 6 basic titles; 1535 dissertations prepared pursuant to the public administration specialization program.


With such huge and quality collection, the library can be referred to as the specialty one for public administration.

The Library is open on working days from 9.30am to 17.30pm for the Institute staff and students, as well as outsider readers. 


By the library automation system of BLISS, the readers are able to conduct searches through the collection on PC environment. It is possible to search out all the library collection (bibliography records of the books, dissertations, articles of TODAİE periodical publications etc.) by the automation system. 


Academic, administrative staff and students of the Institute are provided to borrow the publications. In addition, borrowing service is offered to the members of the institutions collaborated within the framework of interlibrary cooperation. 

Cooperations with university and institution libraries are being conducted on the basis of written protocols.


The library offers a paid photocopying service for collection items. Photocopying service is used by the reader on his/her own by using the card-operated copier.