It was founded in 2009 to carry out international education, training and administrative works of TODAIE, and within the framework of changing and developing global conditions, to ensure effective and efficient performance of the task of serving as a coordination centre of the research and education activities in the area of Public Administration in Turkey and the Middle East, which was entrusted to TODAIE in line with the articles 2 and 3 of the Law of Establishment no. 7163.
The Objectives of TODIM are:
. To carry out international contacts in the area of public administration on behalf of TODAIE,
. To coordinate education, research, publishing and similar issues of cooperation with foreign countries,
. To express opinions on behalf of Turkey in the agreements made in the area of public administration and/or to serve as regional coordination centre,
. To cooperate with other countries` institutions in the public administration area.
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Fax:  +90 312 230 03 76