TODAIE Local Governments Centre was established in 1989 with an aim to organize education and training programs for the personnel of local administration units and affiliated institutions including national level secretariat general of provisional special administrations and unit heads, mayors, vice mayors, secretariat generals and assistants; provide consultancy service to these institutions; plan and conduct research activities for improvement of local administrations and their effective and productive performance. 


YerYöm - Publications


Up to now, within the publication activities supporting the scope of Education and Publishing activities, besides the "Contemporary Local Administrations Periodical" published quarterly, the following publications have been made available to local governments, both with managerial and technical aspects. There are ongoing new publications within the scope of Training Material Development Project for Local Administrations.


1. Waste Water Treatment Plant Planning 


2. Pollution in Water Resources, Refinement of Drinking Water 


3. Zoning Terminologies 


4. Mayors, Duties and Authorizations 


5. Municipal Council, Duties and Authorizations 


6. Municipal Committee, Duties and Authorizations 


7. Municipal Personnel System 


8. Municipal and Civil Administration Supervisors Relations


9. Water Resources Management Services- General Structure 


10. Water Resources Management - Antalya Research 


11. Waste Management Services 


12. Local Administrations Symposium Notices 


13. Municipal Personnel Management Handbook (with CD) 


14. Local Elections Panaroma 1963 - 1999 


15. Handbook for Municipalities - Zoning Affairs (with CD) 


16. Municipal Police Services Administration 


17. Local Finance System 


18. Local Elections` Geography 1963 - 1999 


19. Municipal Management 


20. Special Provincial Administration 


21. Cooperation and Attendance in Local Administration 


22. Financial Management in Local Administration 


23. Investment Planning and Service Presentation in Local Administration 


24. Assessment Based Accounting Applications in Local Administration 


25. National Development and Local Administration (4th National Local Governments Symposium Notes) 


26. Metropolitan Management: Integration Process 


27. Landscape Management




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