Turkish Public Administration Annual

Sayı:22-23 / 1  Yıl:- / 1997

Yayınlanmış Makaleler

The Market, The State and Democracy

Haldun Gülalp

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The Role of the State inTurkish and South Korean Development Experiences (28 sf.)

Zülküf AYDIN

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Local Government in Turkey Problems and Solutions (26 sf.)


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Legal Control and Auditing of Local Authorities` Actıon in Turkey (24 sf.)

Firuz Demir YAŞAMIŞ

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Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Turkish Police (11 sf.)

Ahmet Hamdi AYDIN

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Public Order Policing in Turkey: The Need for Command Training (11 sf.)

İbrahim CERRAH, Tony MOORE

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Equal Opportunity for Women in Government Employment: The Cases of the United States and Turkey (22 sf.)

Songül SALLAN GÜL, Hüseyin GÜL

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Decision making Autonomy of Joint Ventures (21 sf.)


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