Review of Public Administration

Sayı:6 / 3  Yıl:Eylül / 2012

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Ethical Violations and Sanctions in Scientific Publications: A Framework Proposal for Social Sciences and Humanities

Mehmet Ünal - Metin Toprak - Veysel Başpınar

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The Restructuring of Health Care System and Public-Private Partnerships

Selime Güzelsarı

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he Effects of Leadership Behavior of Local Governors on Education

Vehbi Çelik - Ayhan Özkan

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Participation in Biotechnology Policy Formulation: The Potential for Disagreement and Consensus

Oğuz Özdemir

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Limitation of Election Expenditures of Political Parties and Candidates

Özlem Çelik

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Normative Regions and the Provincial Development Planning in Turkey

Oğuz Özbek

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A Sociological Analysis of the Case of Football in Turkey in the Context of Law No. 6222

Adem Sağır

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