Review of Public Administration

Sayı:7 / 2  Yıl:Haziran / 2013

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An Investigation of the Relationship between Performance and Potential in the Appraisal of Public Administrators

İbrahim Sani Mert

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How Far Can Public Organizations be Strategically Managed? Strategy as a Term, Strategic Planning/ Management, Compatibilities and Conflicts in the Public Sector

Mustafa Coşar Ünal

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The Causal Relationship between Public Investments and New Firm Formation: Dynamic Panel-Data Analyses on Turkey’s Provinces

İbrahim Al - M. Kemal Değer - Murat Can Genç

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The Right to Information in the TRNC: Problems and Solutions

Can Azer

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Governance and Power Sharing in the United Cyprus: The Future of Consociational and Integrative Approaches

Mehmet Hasgüler - F. Murat Özkaleli

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The Security Architecture of the Eastern Mediterranean and Relations between Israel and Cyprus in Terms of Global Power Relations

Hüseyin Canyaş - Süha Kocakuşak - F.Orkunt Canyaş

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